2021 prices 

Prices are based on distance – the further we go, the more it costs.  During the Covid-19 pandemic it has been necessary to reduce numbers (currently 6) and adjust prices. As a result I charge on a per head basis so that the price you pay is kept at a reasonable level. Please contact me for details. Distances are calculated from the Needles Lighthouse and prices are based on a full boat with 12 divers, as follows:

Up to 10 miles radius from the Needles Lighhouse – £552 for the boat for the day = £46 per head.

Over 10 miles and up to 20 miles radius from the Needles Lighhouse – £576 for the boat for the day = £48 per head.

Over 20 miles and up to 30 miles radius from the Needles Lighthouse – £624 for the boat for the day = £52 per head.

Over 30 miles radius from the Needles Lighthouse – £650 for the boat for the day = £54 per head.

For diving up to the 20 mile limit, two dives are included in the price.  Typically, this means the main dive on slack water, followed by sites (wreck or reef) where the tide is not a problem, and/or drift diving.  For those diving offshore in deeper water either on air or trimix, it is usual to do one dive because of the depth and how long it takes to get there and back. Taking 12 technical divers out, with all their kit, means we can be a bit tight for space.  You may wish to consider limiting the numbers to 10 to allow a little more room, though the price remains as for 12 divers.  It just means you pay a little extra for more room.

At weekends and Bank Holidays the full boat price is payable.  See below for midweek diving.

These prices should remain correct for 2020 unless there are unexpected and significant increases in fuel prices.  I have had to raise the boat price only once in 20 years due to this, and it is not something I do lightly.  I’ll avoid it if at all possible.  If it becomes absolutely necessary to raise my prices I’ll keep you advised.


Midweek diving

Midweek I will go with a minimum of 6 divers (or the cost of 6 divers) on a pro rata basis, up to 10 miles radius from the Needles.  In other words, you pay for your space at the rate according to distance.  If, for example, we dive a wreck 7 miles offshore, being within 10 miles radius from the Needles, the cost to you is £46 per head for two dives based on 2020 prices.  If you want to dive further than 10 miles radius from the Needles, I will still go midweek with a minimum of 6 divers, but the price will be negotiable depending on where we dive and the distance offshore.


For clubs and groups who are new to me and are booking the boat for the first time, a deposit of £75 per day secures the booking.  Payment in full is due on the day.  After that I tend to rely on trust – it hasn’t let me down yet, and avoids disputes about who paid what and when.  If you have paid a deposit and the dive does not go ahead, I will either refund your deposit in full or carry it forward to another date.