Dive/vis reports and dive spaces 2024

Dive/vis reports: The season has begun despite the grey, dreary weather. We began in the Solent, just off Beaulieu, diving with sea grass researchers on Tuesday 16 April and Wednesday 17 April. Visibility, despite the very good neap, was entirely forgetable at less than half a metee. However, the very next day the water had cleared to a much better 2-3 metres, with the water temperature around 10 degrees.

Dive/vis reports: Saturday 4 May and it’s a bright sunny day with a light breeze from the south-east. We headed off to dive the 1872 wreck of the steamer Lapwing in 40 metres. Vis inshore looked very good, but as we headed some miles south of the Needles, we entered the browny/green water, probably coming from the St Catherine’s area. However, continuing south the water cleared again and we arrived on site. Slack came slightly early but everyone entered the water and enjoyed vis of 5-6 metres in ambient light, though a torch was useful. Plankton is throughout the entire water column but not bad, with the water temperature at 11-12 degrees. The good news is that the May water, also known in these parts as black water (because it is so clear it looks black) has come early, perhaps a good indication we might have a good season. Next day, Sunday 5 May, we were diving in Totland Bay, conducting training and safety drills, in particular, practising recovering incapacited divers from the water to the boat. This proved to be a very worthwhile day as everyone learned quite a lot about what to do and what not to do.

Dive spaces. There are 3 spaces available to dive the 1885 wreck of the steamer Messina in 50 metres on Friday 17 May. Contact the organiser, Jay, on depth.hound@googlemail.com. There are 4 spaces available to dive the WW1 steam tanker Wapello in 33 metres on Saturday 25 May. Contact the organiser, Jaki, on wilson.jaki19@sky.com

Dive spaces: Jaki on wilson.jaki19@sky.com is organising dives on Friday 7 June and Friday 28 June. Wreck in 30 metres or less. Please contact her for details.

Dive/vis reports: On Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 May, we were diving Bouldnor cliff with marine archaeologists. Low water vis on both days, was as expected – low, but the flood tide brought in clearer water to give vis of 2-3 metres. However, the plankton is quite thick this year and thus it was somewhat darker under water. On Friday 17 May we headed offshore to the south-west with another group to dive the wreck of the steamer Messina in 50 metres. Smooth seas and no wind meant a pleasant ride out, and with a superb neap tide we were able to get in the water slightly early. Vis in ambient light was 4-5 metres, with plankton affecting the entire water column. the good news is that the water seems clear of silt, so it’s just the plankton to contend with. This should die back in the next 10 days or so and we then ought to have clear water. Next day, on Saturday 18 May, we again headed west off St Albans Head to dive an unidentified wreck in 50 metres. Similar vis but slightly cloudy topsides meant it was somewhat dark on the wreck. Finally, on Sunday 19 May we dived closer inshore as the slack water was quite late, and dive the WW1 steamer Fluent in 40 metres. On site, the water had a distinctly green hue, and with the plankton thicker and all the way to the bottom, vis was reduced to about 2 metres – diasppointing, to say the least. Water temperature is still hovering around 12°. Three days of calm seas on light winds – now we just want the vis to come good.

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